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Welcome to Olde Huntersville Empowerment Coalition 

  "Building From Within, a Community Effort"

The Olde Huntersville Empowerment Coalition (OHEC), a nonprofit grassroots community base organization, is established to address socio-economic barriers that impede resident’s quality of life, aspirations, sense of safety and the long-term viability of the neighborhood.

Fists in Solidarity

                    Mission                         "Building, in Partnership, a Community of Empowered Residents



Accessing in a coordinated effort, the expertise of residents and those of the broader community, OHEC will provide an array of supportive services, educational opportunities, individualized training, and resources to empower individuals, families and communities wanting to move toward self-reliance and upward mobility

 People Building Cohorts 

A Self-Directed Plan for Success

*Residency Validation (State ID, SSA, DD-214)                *Pre-GED/GED Classes                                                   *Job Skills Training/Placement                                          *Self-Directed Individualized Career PlanCareer       *Readiness Certification                                                   *Capacity Building for Sustainability

*Access to Mainstream Service                                       *Re-entry Supportive Services  

*Career Readiness Certification                                       *Mentoring  

*Entrepreneurship                                                            *Pre/Post Homeownership Classes     

Board Of Directors

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Board Members 

Marvetta Boone , Yolanda Stoner , Jasmine Morris, Derrick Hansford, Melvina Wilkins, Jeffery Turner, Carolyn Latham, Dr. Curtis Young, Lamont Hazell Esq, Dr. D'Nita Andrews, Mya Baskerville  

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